About Me

I work for ESET as the Chief Technology Officer and photography is just my hobby. I consider myself an amateur photographer, even though I already made some cash by taking pictures.

My serious interest in photography dates back to around 2002. Before that I had been engaged in video a little bit. We made short films with my friends for our pleasure but it started to be quite time consuming. In this sense, photography is much simpler, you can take photos alone. Initially I photographed almost everything. I took my camera to parties, on business trips, on wanderings through the town. With my friends we also focused on particular themes, ice hockey for instance, although normally I do not follow hockey. I think that by "fishing around" I learned a lot.

In 2005 together with my friends we conducted our first trip that was focused just on landscape photography. We went to the Canadian Rockies for a couple of days. Everyone enjoyed the idea and since then we have visited some highly photogenic locations, including the south-west of the United States, Namibia, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and New Zealand. After each trip we usually present large prints of our photographs in exhibitions, along with our adventures and interesting facts about that particular country.

A few years ago, I was contacted by my friend, who asked me if I would like to shoot his cooking book. I had no experience with food photography whatsoever but I was willing to experiment (and so was my friend). Eventually, we published 4 books with 4 different chefs. They were shot in different styles, although I prefer the minimalistic clean images of the third book. Most of the food images you will find in the Gallery section actually comes from that shoot. And no, I never sprayed the food with a hairspray, although I watched in amazement how drops of glue were applied to a sponsored Coke bottle by a Coca-Cola stylist to give it that fresh dewy look :-)